Next Meeting: Wed, Jan 30 2013

Winnipeg SQL UG - January 2013

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
Online Meeting URL: None

Event Sponsor: Microsoft Canada - Pizza and drinks provided - Please do not forget to register so I have an accurate count for pizza


Event Time : Wed, Jan 30 2013 17:30 - 20:00 (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)


210-233 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Direction: None

Featured Presentation

Index-fu - getting the most out of your indexes

Speaker: Michael DeFehr, Consultant MDD Solutions

Summary: So you know the difference between a clustered and a nonclustered index. I won't review it again - I promise. This session will focus on expanding your understanding of indexes and what you can use them for. We will look at the internals of how they are structured, included columns, filtered indexes and indexed views. We will explore how to use indexes to enforce contraints beyond just simple uniqueness. Earn your SQL Black belt with this fun and informative session.

About Michael: Michael DeFehr is an independent SQL Server consultant based in Winnipeg, Canada. He is focused on database administration and development using Microsoft SQL Server. A SQL Server MVP, Professional Engineer and MCITP in both Database Development and Administration, Mike has spent the past 15 years producing and maintaining database solutions. Mike specializes in the relational and storage engines and his solutions emphasize performance and simplicity.


Welcome to the Winnipeg SQL Server User Group, a PASS Associated Organization!

We highly recommend attending the PASS Summit 2016, October 25-28 in Seattle. The price goes up July 17, so register early.

As a Winnipeg SQL PASS Chapter member, you can use discount code LC15QNK9 when you register to get $150 off.

We meet approximately monthly Fall through Spring at the St. Boniface library branch, 131 Provencher Boulevard (just over the Provencher Bridge).

We are always looking for the next topic to present - so if you want to try out an idea with a friendly group, please let us know.

Here are some ideas for topics that might help you think of something you can present.

  • What I learned about indexing that changed my life.
  • Data warehousing - is it just a bigger data mart?
  • I love/hate Entity Framework
  • I could not live without these tools
  • My personal naming conventions, and why I will defend them to the death!
  • Big data - so what?
  • How I implemented a fault tolerant, highly available database on the cheap (or not so cheap)
  • How to convince the network/server guys that you need more resources for your virtual machine
  • What I learned when I tried to restore a database and it didn't go well
  • Power Query saved me weeks!
  • SQL Management Studio shortcuts you should know
  • How much control should DBAs and Developers have?
  • Techniques for masking or sanitizing data
  • Managing private data securely - encryption and decryption
  • What to ask for from the SAN administrator
  • How can I put my database into Azure? Is it safe? Is it expensive?
  • How I discovered bad queries and optimized them and saved the world!
  • T-SQL Smells
  • Backups, transaction logs, and recovery settings - myths debunked
  • Determining how to prevent deadlocks
  • How to use the SSIS Catalog
  • How I use Policies to manage servers
  • Maintenance plans - hero or zero?
  • Life with Replication